Prayer to the Holy Spirit to help me in studies and exams – Faithful to God

prayer to for studies. The help: is to provide collaboration, to anyone who has some need. That’s why helpers through this prayer to the Holy Spirit to help me in studies and exams. Knowing that God is mighty in wisdom, let us help by praying for the Holy Spirit to help me in studies and exams.

God is the mighty one who provides healthy wisdom, as he says in his word in the book of proverbs 1:1-7, says: that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. That is why with this article we will teach you to pray to the Holy Spirit to help me in the studies and exams.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for studies

Powerful is God, who helps the human being filling with wisdom and intelligence through his Holy Spirit.

O Lord, great are you, and merciful,

your delights are with the sons of men,

and honor the man who guards your


Today I cry out to you Holy Spirit,

because you always provide healthy wisdom;

I want you to please help me in the

studies, and exams and always be a good


Lord, I ask you as it says in your word,

in James 1:5, that if anyone lacks

wisdom, ask God for it, and he will give it abundantly.

God, full of mercy,

power and goodness, I implore your company,

because my knowledge is to be

evaluated, and I ask you to bless my life, Holy Spirit;

to help me in my studies and


Please oh Holy Spirit, I cried out to you,

and I ask you to give me the concentration and

agility, so that my nerves do not betray me, nor

cloud my mind, when studying and presenting my


Almighty God for you nothing is impossible

and you do not know defeat or failure,

listen to my pleas and intercede on my behalf;

I give you my will and you put the challenges

In front of me, For this reason, give me the triumph that I long for and


I thank you, O Holy Spirit of God,

because you are the one who gives me the knowledge,

and I want to share my glory with you, God

blessed; May the light of wisdom prevail,

over the shadows of ignorance, and that my

victory, and also may your victory be my triumph

My way, today to pay you honor and devotion.

I thank you for listening today,

my prayer that I make before your presence,

oh Holy Spirit, I know you can help me;

with this prayer, to be better in my

studies, and exams, I just want you to help me

to obtain the success that is required.

And do not let me fail in my duty;

although I have nerves, and fear because I am a

human being; but I know that in You, my Lord, I can trust

to overcome any challenge that arises

In front of me; do not forsake me Lord and listen to my


Oh Holy Spirit, I ask you not to forsake me,

give me strength and encouragement to continue

to always succeed in my exams and

studies; don’t let it fall into the shadows of the

failure, always give me security and confidence,

What do I need to be better every day in my

studies and exams.

Thank you my God, because what have you

prepared with much love, and you give me wisdom,

and you fill me with all your blessings;

and your grace not to misstep,

to be successful in my exams and studies;

by your divine intervention, and to honor

to my parents and especially to you,

my Sir.


winning wisdom

people’s lives, every day has difficulties, and especially when you are in the stage of being a student, there are many challenges but there are some that seem insurmountable. Ask the Holy Spirit of God, with this prayer, to help you with studies and.

This prayer is made to explicitly help students, some people tend to confuse divine intervention. God always helps those who really need it and deserve it; and above all when they seek him with all their heart, the one who has made an effort. It is always important to feel the need that we need him and go to his presence and not just ask him.

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