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Saint Anthony of padua faithful saint and protector of all his devoteesbefore your presence we come to be able to make this miraculous novena, so that our journey continues to bless us as the day, in which we acclaim you and you can help us in the best way in what with so much devotion to us.

Saint Anthony great preacher of the word of God; shining in such a way in his sermons, being awarded, giving him great qualities of a good preacher, such as great eloquence, formidable power to move, like a sonorous and very pleasant voice that had great magnitude. Great were his miracles as his devotees for following him on his great mission to serve those who need it most.

Powerful Novena to San Antonio de Padua to bless our day

With this powerful ninth to San Antonio de Padua we can find the peace that we need so much in our days, since it is very powerful to be able to achieve your great goodness in these times that we require your support and kindness.

Blessed Saint Anthony of Padua,

I want to start my noble prayer,

giving you infinite thanks

for this new day.

Where your radiant light clears

all the darkness,

Leaving all fear so that I can,

reign your great love towards us.

Blessed San Antonio today I want

present you my life,

for you to help me clean it

of all that,

that in your eyes you do not like.

So that you can also give me,

a renewed mind.

Blessed Holy to be

focused on your will,

to be able to praise and bless you

your holy name

Saint Anthony of padua,

you who are noble of heart I thank you,

for my family give me,

wisdom to speak so that I may,

knowing how to say things without hurting other people.

Also to be able to listen,

with the necessary attention and thus be able,

keep calm,

Being patient in everything you have to do.

Oh blessed Saint Anthony of Padua!

you being the kindest,

of all the saints your great love for your faithful,

they made you worthy when you were.

In the land of possessing powers,

miraculous because great,

is your great power.

Saint Anthony of padua,

you are my refuge as my fortress,

in whom I trust today and always only you can,

get rid of the traps of the enemy,

that they want to stalk me.

Well, only you cover me.

Giving me all the protection

since your truth will always be my shield.

Therefore I will fear no evil,

because having your protection,

Nothing can affect me.

I’ll just have to open up

my eyes so that you,

open my paths for me

that you take me away

All evil danger of my steps,

keeping me in your blessed hands.

O Saint Anthony of Padua!

you know how to rid me of my enemies,

causing their feet to stumble than their hands,

be tied that with their mouth they can,

confess your sin.

Saint Anthony,

I know that no evil will befall me,

just as no calamity can come,

to my life, much less to my home,

because by God’s intersection.

Oh blessed Saint Anthony of Padua!

I know what with your own

hands will you lift me up,

so that he does not trip over any stone.

Getting rid of holocausts like tragedies,

curses disasters as well,


Saint Anthony of padua,

protect us arm us trusting,

in your victory as in your justice

for that victory.

Be all ours and thus be able

exclaim your great love,

What do you have towards us?

I give infinite thanks because

I know you won’t leave me alone

that I can receive all your blessings.

So that you can solve the best,

way all the difficulties,

that can be presented.

Saint Anthony of Padua great is your power,

I will praise you and glorify your name,

because you are good as,


Thank you for not leaving me right now,

What more do I need from you?

thank you for your great

as wonderful blessings.


Does this novena have great power?

In these moments that we are living so difficult. On this day is where we must acclaim his great help for a novena to San Antonio de Padua, so that he comes to our aid and does not forsake us at any time of our lives, as great his devotees who follow him because in him they achieve peace. that is so much needed.

You are asked with great fervor so you can get a good husbandHe is also a great intercessor before God to achieve miracles, enforce human rights, find what is lost, protect orphans and soften hardened hearts.

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