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One of the many beautiful parables that we can find in the Bible is found in John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me”; It is said by Jesus, and we can find in it a promise that we will deal with in depth during the development of this topic that we have brought for you.

It is important to analyze the context of the verse, since it deals with the sheep representing the people of the corral where the sheep remain, which represents salvation and how they follow the Good Shepherd, which represents Jesus.

In this sense, in John 10:27 Jesus establishes that “my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me” complementing in later verses that the sheep know their pastureAnd if a stranger came, they would not hear him or pay attention to them. For example, if a person comes to Christ, he automatically becomes a sheep of his flock and they will hear his voice.

“My sheep hear my voice”: The voice of salvation

At some point have you asked yourself what is the voice you hear? Because in the world in which we live there are different voices that can lead you astray from the path of God or present you with different ways for “salvation”; However, you must know that there is only one voice that can lead you to true Salvation and that is the voice of Jesus.

The way to identify that you are hearing the voice of Jesus is because in it you will find the grace that comes from God. On the other hand, the other voices lack this grace, therefore, you must make an effort and always be on the right side.

When the sheep are not hearing the voice of their Shepherd They tend to stray from the path and that is when the thief arrives to do his thing.

For example, when a person spends most of their time on things like alcohol, drugs, prostitution, business, politics, parties, among others, they leave Jesus aside and therefore become people. easy to be deceived by the enemy.

A radical change is necessary to hear the voice of Jesus

It should be noted that in order to fulfill the word of Jesus expressed in John 10:27, “my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me” it is necessary that there is a radical change in your life, that you seek that voice that will guide you along the paths of truth found in Christ, He, who came into the world, suffered humiliation and was beaten to death for you, for your salvation

God has the ability to protect us, sustain us from those people who act as wolves or thieves, He is our Shepherd, he will never abandon his sheepOn the contrary, being sheep of his meadows, you have the ability to hear him at all times.

Additionally, nowadays you can also count on the Holy Spirit of God, who came into the world to comfort you, to guide you and to do so through his voice, look for him confidently, talk to him and learn to listen to him. The benefits you will get for your life will be supernatural.

A true Shepherd gives his life for his sheep

So that you can understand the message more broadly, if you read verses 11 and 12 of Chapter 10 of John you will notice that it speaks of Jesus and that it mentions him as The Good Shepherd. He will never disappoint you as other sheepherders can, in HIM you will find the truth and he will never abandon you.

The thief has come into the world to steal, kill and destroy; that is his goal and he will not rest until he achieves it. It is because of that, you must seek to hear the voice of the true Shepherd, the one who gave you and will give life in abundance. (See John 10:10).

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me?

It is important to mention that not all the time hey the with our ears, nor can we see it with our eyes and this is because the spiritual world operates differently from our natural senses, that is, our channels of perception are not able to do it naturally, but what to do? ?

Read the word of God found in the Bible, study it and above all, put it into practice. I assure you that when you achieve intimacy with the Father, you may not hear Him directly, but you will begin to perceive how He guides you in every situation in a way that is not natural, therefore, it is God who is working in you. you.

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