Children are a gift from God

A valuable gift from God is children. If you have children, you are the owner of a great treasure that the Lord has inherited from you.

God has seen something in you special. That is why he has given you such special children. Believe in them; if God has given them to you put them in the place of importance that a gift should have of God.

«The children we have are a gift from God. The children that are born to us are ours reward». Psalm 127:3 NIV

How can you take care of this great divine heritage?

I lived according to my criteria and I never took care of my two great gifts from God in their childhood stage. I can tell you everything you shouldn’t do to your children, because I experienced the consequences of my carelessness.

The beautiful thing is that God has given me the opportunity to correct. Although my children are already adults, I have been able to apply the advice of the Word of God, with excellent results, that is why I dare to give you this advice.

Children are a gift from God

I share 7 ideas that you can put into practice to raise healthy children and take care of them as gifts from God:

1.- Do not give more importance to work than to them. money can’t be before your children.

2.- Your pride should not get in the way of forgiving your sons. Because for you the greatest gift of God are the children that he has given you.

3.- It is time to bless your children, time to love and care for them. Encourage them and push them to be better.

4.- Apply discipline, but with love, without hurting his heart; because the discipline love leads to rebellion.

5.- Avoid exposing them to crisis situations, where they feel abandoned or rejected by you.

6.- Let them know that you support them at all times and that you accept them even with all the mistakes they may make. After After all, God also accepts you with everything that you are.

7.- Do with your children exactly as your Father God does with you, He is the model of the Father par excellence.

No matter the age of your children, it is always time to recover their hearts and change the course of their lives with the help of God

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May God support you in everything you do, your friend,

Lydia E. Cames

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