Powerful Prayer to the Archangel Saint Zadquiel Transform your life! | Faithful to God

Today in faithful to God, we want to dedicate a strong prayer to you, so that he may intercede before Christ. With the purpose of granting the transformation of your life and turning it into the best version of it. In this way, you can be a faithful disciple of Jesus.

Prayer to Archangel Zadquiel to ask for a miracle

This divine Angel is the freedom, forgiveness and mercy. That is why, when we go to Him, He intercedes for us before the Almighty, with the aim of granting our wish. For this, I invite you to recite this prayer, to ask for your great miracle.

O glorious Archangel, You who are the angel of

mercy and liberation, I beg you in this

occasion, for you to take my life

and transform it.

Since, I am very thirsty for you, and I know that

You can intercede for me before him.

In order to get the miracle that my being wants.

Well, divine Archangel, I confess that during this time

I have done bad things. The ones that dragged me like

a river to the cave in which I find myself.

Which I can’t find the way out of. for that

reason, I claim your presence in my life,

so that you protect me with your wings,

of all the risks of the earth.

Likewise, I ask you that when you see that I am going

to perform another act of insult, be you the

that brake my being and my mind. Aiming

to prevent me from committing these sins more,

beloved archangel.

In the same way, I ask you, please,

cover my body with your divine violet light,

so that, she transform me into an individual

full of love and glory to you.

Well, my being is thirsty for that heavenly light,

that you radiate so strongly to grant

the illusions of the poor who come to you.

Since, my great desire is to be able to serve

to others, just as you have done

during these years. In the same way, I beg you

My angel, illuminate my path, removing

the negative and turning it into blessings

to my life.

May your glorious ears listen with kindness to this great

prayer that I address to you today. Well, dear Archangel,

my life has been tainted by the wrong decisions

that I have taken, and I want to remedy them all.

That’s why, with fervor, I beg you not to leave me

alone on this road of despair. and help me get

the right path that leads me to do things

that God has prepared for my path.

Since, in this way, I can get out of the hole

in which I find myself of my own free will.

However, I also implore you for those people

that brought me into this world.

So please help them out

the situation they are in right now.

Which has us overwhelmed because his body

He is the one who is suffering the consequences of these acts.

So, for that reason, at this moment I pray that your Violet rays

enter the soul of each of these people, with the aim

to turn them into better individuals who help carry

the word of Jesus for the entire universe.

Since I know very well that God needs us,

for humans to repent of their mistakes

and begin to worship Him as

the supreme king of the universe.

Because without Him life would not make much sense.

Likewise, remove from my soul all feelings of resentment

and movement you may have towards people in the past.

Which caused me a lot of damage and invade my heart

of forgiveness and harmony to receive them with the same affection,

that you welcome this sinner, all these pleas,

I make them to you in the name of Jesus.


Who is the angel Zadkiel?

This beautiful Archangel is represented with a purple light, his and mercy, since he is the one who teaches humans the divine power of God. Likewise, he is the Archangel who accompanies people when they are in difficult hours. Placing a violet candle, in order to invoke her presence.

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