How Hell Is In Its Manifestation | What Is The Devil’s Mission.

Many have a preconceived idea of how is hell Others perhaps just avoid thinking and imagining what this place is like. This article will expand on how this place is made up, and how it really works.

The regions of darkness or infernal regions

The word hellish is an adjective used to categorize things related to the devil. Not all of these regions are linked to the ultimate destination, or end of the lost (Those who have not received Jesus) this place known as hell.

These two great groups of spiritual regions are continuously in active operation on the earth of people who are alive, that is; we do not have to be dead to experience the presence of darkness or How is hell in its manifestation? doing their thing with us. So that you can have an understanding of what satan intends to do, I can tell you that the main mission of our lord in bringing the kingdom of God, was to unite heaven and earth, this with the purpose of establishing his heavenly kingdom in the natural world .

In this way Jesus takes over so that the earth can receive blessing and mercy daily, likewise then heaven can intervene on the just and unjust trying to bring all people to their heavenly father.

He brings down all the designs from heaven, and sends the angels to provide us with the necessary help to fight the battle, thus making us sit in the heavenly places together with him. It is completely a supernatural level, because this clearly indicates that our spirit of a believer can be in heaven and on earth at the same time. That was the lifestyle of Jesus he was always in the spirit. It was his heavenly reality, it was palpable and visible.

“And no one has ascended into heaven, except he who descended from heaven, the son of man, who is in heaven.” John 3:13.

What is the Devil’s mission?

The devil is an imitator, a counterfeiter, and a liar. He is the imitator of God, he opposes everything that he has to do with the kingdom of light, one of the ways he uses is by doing everything that God does but for evil. He precisely is in charge of uniting earth with hell under the infernal reign, and in this way he controls, steals, binds, destroys, sickens, and breaks all over the earth and his terrifying work can be clearly seen among the peoples , cities, and entire nations…

Sheol’s ligature surrounded me, they laid death bonds for me. Psalm 18:5

In the Bible we can also read about those who are in serious situations, or prisoners of sin, they are real as those who are trapped in the nets of darkness, in the fire of the hell.

Save others, snatching them out of the fire… John 1:23

This word does not mean that the dead should be removed from their eternal abode, but those who are alive, those who are trapped under the devil’s fire as real hell is in their lives, so it manifests itself in the living.

Satan has established an empire of hell on earth, the demons that are under his authority, his headquarters, his lines of communication, etc.

Among the unsaved, many have come to think that hell is here on earth, on this plane of existence; and knowing that hell is totally real, and that it is a place of eternal perdition, they have manifested feeling the effects that this terrible place as hell manifests itself on earth. This has generated a lot of confusion.

The reality of this is that precisely these two places; both the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness are manifesting here on earth, operating in our midst, swinging from one side to the other.

What is hell like and what is its function ?

It is a spiritual place designed for evil, for pain and suffering. Its main function is to manifest the designs established by satan, so that these are manifested in human beings, in order to destroy them.

Just as God’s designs come from heaven, satan’s designs come from hell. Understanding the operation of these designs is extremely important, in order to understand the reason for so many situations that occur in our lives.

The devil has never invented anything at all, nor is he the creator of anything. He steals God’s principles to pervert them in his favor, so that the power to bind and loose, which Jesus gave us, is one of the principles by which God gives us all authority to lower his designs to earth, unfortunately satan does the same, to unite and bring down the designs of hell here on earth.

It is important that from now on you begin to direct your prayers towards the destruction of all the works of satan, even from the places where they originate, without any fear.

prayer towards the destruction of all works of satan

you can do it in the following way:

“The son of God was manifested to undo the works of satan, to the depths of hell. And at this very moment he unleashed the glorious manifestation of Jesus, the son of God, shattering every one of satan’s designs in the kingdom of darkness. Amen.

We must remember that the perfect work of Christ was to destroy the power of hell. Jesus descended to the lower parts of the earth, and I do not want to say that he knew the depths of the devil, Jesus went down with the sole purpose of winning, in hell the victory that Jesus obtained is written.

exist designs on living people such as failure, divorce, financial ruin, poverty, accidents, illness, and so many other things… However, there is a way out and freedom from this satanic oppression

hell cities

1.- Captivity

Captivity and cities of ruinthis is one of the objectives of the empire of satan, to take prisoners to imprison, oppress, and steal everything that God wants to give to his children, the gifts, and divert them from the purpose of God, to completely destroy them, the devil uses slavery and different types of prisons to restrict man from the wings of freedom that the spirit possesses, those wings that help him to be able to take flight to the celestial heights of God.

2.- Spiritual city

Satan has a rule through a city spiritual called Babylon, which is total opposition from the heavenly city, to the new Jerusalem. This is one of the headquarters specifically the headquarters of satan and below it has a series of spiritual regions that make up his entire kingdom of death, destruction and terror.

And the woman you have seen is the great city that reigns over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:18.

The fire of hell

Hellfire catches the just and the unjust alike, how is this possible? We are all exposed to suffer traumas, spells, and spiritual traps with which the devil skillfully protects his territories. Example When a patient is in the operating room and is under anesthesia, or enters a cemetery, the soul is broken by pain and easily falls into the enemy’s trap, and enters the regions of death that are ruling in that place. There are doors that open out of fear, or spiritual warfare fights. Other people are already born in captivity because at the time they were engendered it was in captivity, as rape, among other circumstances.

For example: the children with autism they are born locked up in one of these jails, in a world assigned to them in the spiritual regions where the child was established. Another case is when the child wanted to be aborted by their parents, or those babies that while they were in the mother’s womb she had intense pain that tormented her, these souls often do not want to be born because their souls have been trapped in the region of death.

Phobias are part of captivity, claustrophobia, terror of heights, fear of the dark, and any other episode that causes us terror.

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