4 Steps That Describe What Faith Is According To The Bible

whatWhat is it faith according to the bible?, The Word of God in Ephesians 2:8-9, indicates that by grace we are saved through faith, since it is the gift of God; but it is not based on works so that no one can glorify. Someone explained this verse, which said we are reconciled, we can have peace with God only through faith, it is a gift from God. Our salvation is undeserved and cannot be bought.

Someone, convinced that works are necessary to be saved, was quoted another passage from the Bible in the book of James 2:24, saying you observe that man is recognized by what he does, and not only by faith. Are both things compatible? The Bible is the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit is its author. God does not contradict himself. In these passages there are two different points of view: what God can see, and what men can observe.

God knows perfectly well what is in our minds and in our hearts. He has full knowledge if every believer can rest alone in what Christ can do to be saved. In this only way, through faith, he is made right before our God. It can be said that faith is a demonstration of full trust in God and not a simple affection for an accumulation of dogmas. For men who surely see the external result of internal transformation, works make faith visible. The deeds of a believer are related to what is within himself. The life of the person is what his faith can reflect.

There are two facts that are extremely important. faith first, to lay hold of God’s giftand then the acts, as fruits of divine life, of this we can see the result in many stories of the concept of What Is Faith According To The Bible, such as that of the woman who suffered from bleeding for a long time of 12 years .

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What is faith according to the bible?

It is to expect with certainty what is not seen, it is the confidence of obtaining something that has not been seen. This definition of faith contains two aspects: intellectual consent and trust. Intellectual consent is believing that something is true. Trust is based on the fact that something is true.

example of faith

The encounter between Jesus and a woman whose name he did not know. Although it did not seem important, this encounter with Jesus is priceless. Definitely a lesson that we all want and need to experience in our own lives, the lesson of faith and forgiveness. To give and receive forgiveness, we must exercise faith.

So how much faith does it take to achieve such a thing? Sometimes it might seem like a lot! In this story you will see a woman who exercised extreme faith in a very simple act. This story is found in the fifth chapter of Mark. It is also mentioned in the book of Matthew and Luke.

Jesus had traveled by boat to Capernaum, there he met a large crowd. “A man of authority in the local synagogue, his name was Jairus, he approached and prostrated himself before Him, begging Him to heal his little daughter. He is about to die! He said helplessly.Please come over and put your hands on it; heal her so she can live! (Mark 5:23 NLT). So Jesus went with him and the crowd followed him.

Looking at it from today’s point of view, when it comes to some kind of rally or some event like concerts, it has been the case that fans push and crowd to get closer to the stars or leader in front. even getting closer when they pass just to touch them. Nowadays, most of the stars and people of importance have multiple bodyguards.

Multiple eyes and ears to help make sure no one “gets too close.” Given the circumstances we can observe certain steps that are observed by this woman to be able to approach Jesus to obtain a result of life.

4 Steps that describe what faith is according to the Bible

It could be said that the disciples were the ones guarding the safety of Jesus, although it seems that it would not be a “sought position” with all the enemies he was making. Imagine his surprise when Jesus turned to them and said: “Who touched me?”. Knowing what faith is according to the Bible will guide you to meditate and imitate the behavior of this woman to reach Jesus.

  1. Hear the word of God.

In Romans 10 verse 17, the Word of God tells us that faith is presented by attending, and hearing by the Word of God.

(Mark chapter 5 verse 27).

When he heard about Jesus, he came up from behind in the crowd and touched his cloak.

The woman from whom we must learn our lesson was a person who suffered a lot for a long time! She was not healthy, as we read in verse 25 that she had been hemorrhaging for twelve years. Could you imagine? Some of the women cannot bear the thought of seven days, but twelve years! She goes on to say in verse 26 that she had seen many doctors and he had paid everything he had and still had no relief.

We think about the physical effects of this type of affliction. It would have been tiredness, probably anemia, possibly weak and frail. There might even have been some discomfort or pain involved. But for her, it went even deeper than her physical condition. According to Jewish law, a woman who bled was unclean. Because they were unclean, they were forbidden to commune with other people and worship God. According to the laws of ritual purity, she shouldn’t even have ventured into the crowd.

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So this woman was considered “impure.” She had been “impure” for twelve long years, which means that would have been isolated from family and friends. She had sought the help of doctors to no avail. She probably had a terrible time physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Forbidden from human contact, I only heard that Jesus, the miracle worker, was in town. She had heard a lot about him and she knows that if she could see him, if she could touch the bottom of his robe just his clothing, she would be healed.

2. Believe the word of God.

Mark chapter 5 verse 27b

…..came from behind in the crowd, and touched his cloak.

Then she ventured into the crowd and pressed as close to him as she could. Verse 27 tells us that she believed that all she had to do was touch him and she would be healed. When he passes her, from behind, she just reaches out and touches the hem of His robe. “She immediately stopped the bleeding and she could feel that she had been healed.”

Jesus did not say a word. She was not instructed to follow through to receive healing. That leap of faith, just to reach out and touch her garment, it was enough to achieve his complete healing. Because of Jesus’ response to her, we know that her leap of faith brought healing.

3. Confess the word.

Mark chapter 5:28 says:

Because he said: If I only touch his cloak, I will be saved.

Jesu s’ reaction was as immediate as healing. I knew the power had gone from Him, and that someone had experienced a miracle. And turning to his disciples, he asks: “Who touched me?” I suppose that would have been a strange question from a man who was being pushed on all sides. The disciples surely thought so.

But Jesus insisted, “Who touched me?” And then, “Then the frightened woman, trembling with the realization of what had happened to her, came and fell at his feet and she told him what she had done” (vs 33) in fact, she approached with great fear. Her presence in this crowd had broken the laws of purity. Perhaps she feared punishment.

Or perhaps the tremor came from the realization that, for the first time in twelve years, she was free of the pain and shame that had held her captive for so long. Whatever the reason, she was sincere and admitted to Jesus that she was the one who touched him. What incredible faith! This woman has taught us not only the importance of faith, but the reward that is ours when we exercise our faith.

4. Act the word.

According to that word that the woman heard from Jesus, she trusted and believed and acted on her, then, belief, trust and loyalty to God. What does Hebrews 11:1 tell us what faith is?

Therefore, faith is the certainty of what is expected, the conviction of what is not seen.

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How “safe” are you today? What “security” do you have in what you cannot see? What is Faith According to the Bible? God’s Word says a lot about faith. It is full of examples of men and women of faith. They were people who trusted God, who believed in him and his purpose for their lives.

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