Inside every mother, first and foremost, there is a woman

What should we all expect from every mother?

What to expect from a mother? May she be happy, even in the face of the sadness of life? That she is strong and intelligent enough to overcome the challenges of raising children, work and home? That she looks beautiful 24 hours a day, even after cleaning the house or after a tiring day at work? May she be bold and courageous to move forward, even when everything around her discourages her and says it won’t work?

Inside every mother there is a woman. A woman who is a human being, but who, faced with the great challenge of being a mother, forgets her origins. They say that when a baby is born, a mother is born with it. I also believe that, upon leaving the maternity ward with your child in your arms, each mother receives a supermother cape, which often makes her forget who she is due to the simple desire to wish the other person well. And that other one is the son. She discovers a love-giving, a love-sacrifice, which, in lesser intensity, but with similar characteristics, reminds us of the sublimity of Agape love.

She’s just a woman

There will also be mothers, who, for numerous reasons, have difficulties performing this sublime job. So, shall we condemn each of them? No! We will only understand that, before being mothers, they are women, and that, being women, they run the risk of making mistakes and being fallible, as they are human beings. In the end, regardless of the way each mother presents herself and relates to this role, motherhood, none of them stop being, folks, a human being!

If your mother “wrongs” you, remember that she is just a woman. If she doesn’t meet your expectations, remember she’s just a woman! If, by any chance, you feel abandoned by her, remember that she is just a woman!

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Looking at all the mothers who carry out the most interesting, demanding and fantastic job as women, forgiveness will be easier and will take up the space you need at home. So, you who are a mother just need to understand that you are a woman! And what can you expect from a fantastic woman? The best way to do this job.

What to expect from a mother? May she be people!

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