How to Ask Angels for Help (Try Now!) –

Do you want to know how to ask angels for help? The truth is that you always have powerful angels who love you and are nearby, ready to help you in your development and in achieving your divine life purpose.

Here I am going to tell you 6 ways in which you can ask for angelic help, and other frequently asked questions.

To receive help you have to ask for it

You have angels who have been with you from the moment of your birth. These are your guardian angels, and they will never abandon you, regardless of what you do or do not do here in the physical realm.

Angels have nothing but unconditional love to give, and they are always ready to help you… but they will never interfere in your life without your permission.

You have to ask the angels for help, if you really want help. There is a universal law that angels will not interfere with a human’s life unless asked to do so, with the exception of certain life-threatening situations and emergencies.

What things can I ask the angels?

You can ask angels for help with little things, when you encounter big problems, or when you need guidance on challenges.

Angels can help open the lines of communication between you and another person, they can calm your emotions, protect you physically and spiritually, and they can change the vibrational energy field around you to help you manifest positive experiences in your life.

They sincerely want to help and serve… But again, they honor our free will and creativity, so to invite their help, we must ask for it.

The more you ask your angels to help you, the more easily they will be able to offer you assistance in your life.

Your guardian angels may nudge you in the right direction, encourage you, or leave you signs of their presence without you asking, but they strictly honor your free will and your opportunity to choose your path in life, so they will not directly interfere without your permission. .

When you ask for help, angels have powerful support to give you and can help you in any area of ​​your life and the lives of the people you care about… So ask!

Can anyone ask for angelic help?

If you are ready to ask for angelic assistance, the good news is that we all have the ability to connect with angels!

All you have to do is invite your angels to work with you! When you approach the Angelic Kingdom and ask for help, it is much easier for your angels to help you on your path.

Your angel is not a magical genie who will make all your wishes come true.but your angels will help you in many miraculous and subtle ways that many people overlook or see as a simple coincidence.

You must be open to their help

Angels help you in various ways, so you should be open to how their attendance appears. It can be something direct and miraculous, or they can help you more subtly in the form of a nudge in the right direction, through a healing dream… or by aligning you with the right people and events to achieve your goals.

If you ask your angels for healing energy, you may feel subtle energies activating in the form of warmth or tingling sensations… you may even smell a pleasant smell or hear the soft, sweet sounds of the angelic realm.

When you ask your angels for help… Pay attention to what is around you and increase your awareness if you want to feel its presence.

Ask your angels to make themselves known and help you on your path in a way that is real and obvious to you.

The more you think, love and desire to connect with your angels… the more real their attendance and presence will be when they respond. Stay positive after asking your angels for help and act according to their instructions.

How to ask angels for help

Asking your angels for help is really simple, but many people overthink it, feel like they are doing it wrong, or worry that they are missing an important component.

In most cases… That missing component is vibration! Because angels are high-vibration spiritual beings, tuning into their help and presence requires relaxing your energy and raising your vibration so you can tune into the angels…

Having a high vibration helps you receive His clear guidance, healing frequency and wisdom to help you in your life.

5 ways to receive angelic assistance

Here is a simple guide that offers 5 ways you can ask your angels for help.

1. Ask for help mentally

You do not need a formal invocation or prayer to invoke angelic assistance in your life. The angels can hear your mental plea, so if you are sincere in your request, they will hear you and receive the message to intervene and help you. There is no one way to do this… So I would recommend that you ask your angels for help in a way that is comfortable for you.

You can ask God to send angels to help heal your current challenge or situation, or you can speak directly to your angels and ask them to help you in your life.

Some people worry that by invoking angels directly they are letting God down or somehow turning their back on their connection to the Divine. If you feel this way, ask God to send angels to help you, but also be clear that angels serve according to God’s will and that God wants angels to support you… So, if you ask God to send them or call the angels directly to you, you are completely aligned with the Divine Will.

How you ask mentally also depends on your interpretation. You can submit your request in the form of a statement such as:

  • “Now I am surrounded by angels”
  • “Thank you, angels, for helping me ______”
  • “Angels, please help me make healthy decisions in all areas of my life.”
  • “Angels… I am suffering and I need your help. Please intervene and help me.

2. Ask for help out loud

Just as you would ask your angels for help mentally, you can express the request verbally. Sometimes this method can be helpful if you are getting into a downward spiral of negative thinking, or if you are wondering if your angels are really listening to your request for help.

If you choose to ask your angels for help out loud, I recommend that you find a quiet and peaceful place in nature, or in your home, where you will not be disturbed. So, let your angels know what you would like their guidance and assistance with.

3. Write your angels a letter

This method of asking your angels for help works well when there is something weighing on your heart… Get it out and put it on paper.

Feel free to be completely honest with the angels regarding any pain, anger, anxiety, or confusion you may be experiencing. Don’t worry about being negative here… Sometimes the best way to get rid of negativity is to get it out. Once you have written about your challenges and problems, write… “Angels, please help me solve this.” Or “Thank you, angels, for helping me in every aspect of this situation.”

4. Visualize angels with you

When you imagine that you have angels around you, you are tuning into a powerful way to call them into your presence.

For example, if you are nervous about an interview you are having… Ask the angels for help in one of the ways above, and then imagine angels around you as you walk to and from the interview.

If you feel sick… Visualize angels around you flowing Divine love and healing energy into your presence.

If you are worried about a family member, imagine them in a happy and positive state with angels around them to help create blessings in their life.

Any way you imagine or visualize your angels is fine. The reality is that angels are spiritual beings and can take many forms depending on how we perceive them. So go with what works for you, whether it be glowing orbs of angelic light, or beautiful beings with halos and wings… When you visualize angels around you, you are effectively calling them into your presence.

5. Angelic help and feeling

One simple way I want to cover how to ask angels for help is to simply feel.

Discover the unusual secret to developing your intuition and receiving direct angelic guidance. This method can take two main forms.

The first way is when you feel challenged, angry, upset, etc. Allow yourself to feel the challenging emotion and then ask questions, or simply imagine the angels taking away the dense emotions and feelings and releasing them into the light. Then imagine that you are being replaced by a high vibrational angelic energy of Divine love, light and compassion. Witness and feel the change. This is a powerful way to work with your angels.

The next thing is to feel what you would like your angels to help you create. Let’s say you would like your angels to help manifest new work. Tune into the essence of what you want from a new job and tune into the feeling it would create in you. Act as if you feel good about the new work you are creating, as if you already have it. When you are completely in the vibration and feeling of having what you want to create… Think, say or simply feel in your heart: “Angels, this is what I want to create… Thank you for helping me fully align with it. “

Again, there is no right way to ask angels to help you. Play with the methods above, mix and match to find a way that works for you… The important part is to remember that you always have angels with you, and they are ready and willing to help you when you ask for their help in your life experience.

6. Prayer to ask the angels for help

You can invite the help of angels now with this powerful prayer. Right now… Place your left hand over your heart chakra (right in the center of your chest) and place your right hand on top of your left.

Take a few minutes to breathe, relax your mind and soften your focus… Consciously choose to turn your attention inward.

When you feel relaxed, present and centered… Think or say:

Thank you for your presence in my life. I now invite your help and direct assistance. Guide me to become more aligned with my highest potential. Help me let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, filters and perceptions that block me from Divine love.

Help me to choose love right now, to be alert and aware, and to bring positive change, growth and transformation into my life. I am grateful for your guidance and assistance, and I ask that you help me notice your presence as you guide me toward a more fulfilling life in alignment with my authentic truth and highest soul purpose.”

Open your heart to invite the energy of the angels… Then take a few…

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