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As so many have already said, Latin America seems to be at the beginning of a special move of God. Much of the sound doctrine of the Word had not been heard in our continent, but things are taking a turn in recent years. This is how Juan Sánchez and Giancarlo Montemayor decided to compile a book consulting with some of the main voices that are promoting this “new reform”.

Grace upon grace: The New Reformation in the Hispanic world It is a rich doctrinal manual that first takes the spiritual temperature of Latin American Christianity. It is a practical theology proposal for life and ministry; an honest treatise of confessions of several of the most important leaders of the reformed movement in Latin America; curiously, it is also a kind of book catalog of a collection of the most remarkable works that every believer must read. It is a work that presents a problem and a solution.

Grace upon Grace. The new reform of the Hispanic world

Juan Sánchez, Giancarlo Montemayor, Miguel Núñez, Sugel Michelén, Alberto Pino, Carlos Contreras, Félix Cabrera, Edgar Aponte

Grace upon Grace. The new reform of the Hispanic world

Juan Sánchez, Giancarlo Montemayor, Miguel Núñez, Sugel Michelén, Alberto Pino, Carlos Contreras, Félix Cabrera, Edgar Aponte

Poiema Publications. 192pp.

Poiema Publications. 192pp.

a good foundation

The first part of the book is an important foundation established by pastors Miguel Núñez and Sugel Michelén. To begin with, it contains a remarkable description of the condition of the Latin American church. Pastor Nuñez, showing great knowledge of ecclesiastical history and the development of evangelization in Latin America, presents an accurate diagnosis of the modern church. Asó takes us from the arrival of the first missionaries to America in 1556, through the fundamentalist movement, to Pentecostalism.

Although he points out with concern some of the church’s shortcomings, he acknowledges that the most worrying thing is the quality of preaching in our countries. In the end, Pastor Nuñez himself proposes the treatment saying that “we are convinced that our continent needs to be re-evangelized, because the gospel is the only influential force capable of changing the heart of man and, therefore, capable of impacting society.” in which man lives” (31).

Then Pastor Sugel Michelén makes an excellent presentation of the Doctrines of Grace. He provides the historical framework for them and then develops the theme in a deep but clear way, with theological bases and very reasonable arguments. This chapter can be of great help to all believers, leaders, and pastors who wish to explain or teach these truths. They are outlined in such a way that a believer who has never heard of them can understand them, but in turn can enrich and refine the notion of those who already know them.

But his interest in exposing the Doctrines of Grace is because “these doctrines constitute the very essence of the gospel of Christ.” In addition, “they clearly show us the impotence of man to save himself, as well as the wonder of God’s goodness and mercy in dispensing his grace sovereignly over sinners who do not deserve to be saved,” says Pastor Michelén (36).

changed lives

The second part of the book presents us with a series of moving accounts of the conversion of various pastors, giving a short biography that combines the understanding of these truths and the experiences that involved their conversion. In other words, they tell us how these doctrines found expression in every line of their lives. For this reason, this second section is aptly called the “experienced Doctrine of Grace.” Honesty, openness, and a sense of wonder at the majesty of God permeates each of these testimonials.

“Being aware of God’s sovereignty in salvation should fill us with humility and confidence”, Albert Pino

“This was indeed a God worthy of all adoration, honor and glory!”, Juan Sánchez

“Realizing the seriousness and persistence of sin in my heart led me to what should be the conclusion of all doctrinal study: The beauty and greatness of the gospel”, Carlos Contreras

“Seeing that Jesus Christ received the wrath of God that I should have received opened my eyes and made me thank God for having broken my chains”, Félix Cabrera

“These Biblical ideas were revolutionizing my mind and my way of thinking not only emphasizing God’s sovereignty in my salvation, but also His perfect sovereignty over every aspect of life.” Edgar Aponte

In this section, the reader will also find various details of the salvation that God effected in the pastors Sugel Michelén and Miguel Nuñez.

The honesty of their testimonies is surprising, however what transcends on each page is a tribute to what they consider the reason for their salvation: God’s sovereign grace. This grace, they all agree, is not only an element of conversion, but rather, it is the axis that sustains and moves their lives and the ministries they preside over.

What do we do now?

The third and last part includes a valuable contribution from Juan Sanchez and Giancarlo Montemayor when addressing pastors and believers who wish to serve in the ministry, and believers in general regarding our individual and collective responsibility in service. The gospel must dominate every aspect of our life and ministry. They then go on to provide us with practical advice for some particular cases that believers and leaders may face.

An added value that this work contains is the fact that it presents us as a catalog of Christian books that every believer should read. All pastors, without exception, have no qualms about acknowledging the influence of great men of God through their books. That is, they offer us a rich and varied amount of titles that impacted their lives. This constant mention of so many authors and works can become a reference source for recommended Christian books.


grace upon grace It is a book with great precision to discern the challenges of the Latin American church and to diagnose its state. But to the same extent, the content becomes the prescription for the treatment that the church needs. It is a book that not only talks about the new reform in the Hispanic world, but can also be a catalyst to strengthen it. A deep, rich, inspiring and very relevant book for the days we are living. A book for the church. A book that every believer should read.

May God use you for His glory.

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