What religion does Camilo Echeverry have?

What religion does Camilo Echeverry follow?

Both Camilo and Evaluna are Christians, as is the entire Montaner family, so every Sunday they get together with their friends and loved ones to say “thank you” for everything that happens in their lives.

What did Camilo evaluate?

Ricardo Montaner’s daughter decided to honor her husband in a very special way. The more than 15 million followers noticed a big change in the name of Evaluna. … Apparently, the actress and singer decided to add the last name of her husband.

What religion are Mau and Ricky?

Since then, the Montaner family profess Christianity not only in their speech but also in songs like “La Gloria de Dios” and their most recent hit “Amen.”

How many wives does Ricardo Montaner have?

6 times! Yes that’s how it is. If they do not give you the accounts, keep reading and you will understand why. The reason for this number of times in which Ricardo has exchanged vows has to do with the renewal of the vows that he has made with his current wife, Marlene.

Who is Evaluna’s father?

How long have Camilo and Evaluna been together?

After five years of relationship and the romantic proposal, the couple married on February 20, 2020.

Who is the wife of the singer Camilo?

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