Archangel Azrael: the angel of death –

Archangel Azrael is a lesser known Archangel and yet no less powerful compared to the better known Archangels: Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

The name Azrael in Hebrew literally means “help of God” or “whom God helps” depending on the translation. But he is less known because he does not usually work with humanity throughout the day.

Archangel Azrael is the angel of death

Rather, Archangel Azrael’s primary responsibility is to help souls transition from physical life to the spiritual world after death. This takes the form of literally helping the soul separate from the etheric and physical body, and then traveling through the seven planetary spheres to complete the life review and prepare for the next levels of incarnation or experience in the higher realms of Spirit. .

Azrael works to provide comfort to the dying and then work with them to make a smooth transition from the physical body to the spirit at the time of crossing. Many times, those who are dying are mentally and emotionally in the astral and spiritual world at the time their soul separates from their physical body.

A journey to evaluate one’s own life

After death, or when the soul leaves the physical dimension, Azrael guides the souls through the 7 planetary spheres which are sometimes also called the 7 Heavenly Halls.

This journey through the spheres provides opportunities for the soul to deeply review the life it has just lived. This is a profound and powerful experience of reviewing your entire life.

There are many different types of spiritual beings who will come together in this process to offer wisdom, support and guidance to souls in reviewing their life, facing past traumas (facing the pain and suffering that a soul has caused to others is often the most traumatic).

There is immense healing, reflection and learning for a soul in reviewing and recovering from life’s journey. The journey through the spheres is a journey of healing and review, and then the journey back to the Earth plane is one of preparation, learning and planning for whatever incarnation may be next.

Azrael also has a role in tracking souls after death and works with the Elohim (a higher rank of angelic being) to track and monitor souls that are incarnating and leaving the Earth plane.

Azrael’s work with the afflicted

Like all Archangels, Azrael works with entire soul groups rather than individuals, and although his primary job is to assist humanity at the soul level transitioning from the physical to the spiritual world, he occasionally works with humans within physical incarnation. .

In these cases, Azrael can provide Universal Healing Energy, love and comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one. It also coordinates and assigns angels to intervene and move forward to help those struggling to understand and cope with the death of a loved one.

Archangel Azrael radiates great compassion and wisdom, holding a space of deep honor, love and respect for those dealing with the pain surrounding death and the journey in a soul after departing physical life.

Azrael accompanies you during the death of a loved one

Archangel Azrael is here for you and your family when a loved one is dying. He will give you peace and love to help you through the grieving process. His presence seems to have a way of absorbing pain and emotional turmoil, so people can separate themselves for a moment from the pain body, and in the midst of pain have beautiful experiences of presence and connection with Divine Love.

Azrael helps with the dying

Azrael also assists and works with those who serve to prepare the dying while they are still alive (hospice workers, nurses, clergy, compassionate souls). There is immense benefit in beginning the life review process while living, so Azrael compassionately holds the space and wisdom for this process.

On the other side of death, Azrael stands with those who seek to counsel and support those who help others through grief, bringing wisdom and a sense of calm in knowing and understanding that all is well. He will also work to absorb the energy of the pain of grief, and to energetically protect those who try to help.

Archangel Azrael supports those who still live

As you live, Azrael can help you see and understand that there is a fine line between life and death.

This is helpful in recognizing that loved ones are not really “dead”… and rather after his death, his soul lives on. Now you are simply traveling through other planes and dimensions.

See and recognize this thin line between life and death It can also help motivate you to make the most of the life experience you have now. To stop focusing on lower level distractions and take advantage of life’s opportunity to grow and develop spiritually every day.

Azrael reminds us that after death, we do not bring with us any of our physical possessions, or status that is built and accumulated as physical beings. As the soul leaves the physical body beyond life, what we bring with us is the development and growth of the soul.

Therefore, Azrael reminds us that Soul growth is the top priority for souls still in the physical world. Focusing on this has incredible benefits while living under the veil of the illusion of life.

Soul growth comes in many forms and Archangel Azazel is ready and willing to assist those working on these important life lessons, helping to release and heal the pain of unforgiveness, guilt, anger and regret. , so that we can find peace, grow and ascend through the process.

He is also a great advocate of spiritual practice and consciously seeks your spiritual development while living as a physical being.

Connecting with loved ones in spirit

Additionally, Azrael can help those grieving the loss of loved ones connect with them in Spirit or align signs and synchronizations that confirm that now, beyond death, their loved one is still alive and well.

People often expect signs and visits from a deceased loved one too soon. (while they are still busy traveling through life review)

In these cases, Azrael will sometimes work with other angelic beings (including the guardian angels of those involved) to align the significant signs and synchronicities of deceased loved ones.

In those cases, the person who lost a loved one might see butterflies, coins, flashes of light, have dreams and other significant synchronicities that bring a reminder and comfort of the fine line between the realms of spirit and the land of the living. .

However, at certain times during a soul’s transition between life, death, and rebirth, Azrael can help align visitations and experiences beyond the veil.

How does Azrael’s presence feel?

When someone is making the final transition between life and death, Azrael’s presence can feel like an almost ethereal lightness and stillness breaking through.

Archangel Azrael’s presence is strong, calm, respectful and stoic. Signs of his presence include: feelings of quiet strength and finally finding a moment to step away from the pain to simply observe, reflect, and see the bigger picture surrounding the journey between life and death.

Definitely, Azrael’s love and compassion for our souls is a very beautiful thing.

While we are alive…

We live in an exciting time when ascension to higher levels of consciousness is available to us while we still live, and not just after death. As a result, Azrael works with those who are at certain stages of their ascension path. This allows you to experience deep soul growth within a physical form.

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