You asked: What is a disciple in the bible?

Disciple is a term that has its origin in a Latin word and that is used to refer to an individual who follows a certain doctrine. In order for a disciple (or follower) to exist, there must be a teacher (or leader).

What is the meaning of disciple?

Disciple is, in general, an apprentice or student of a master. Disciple is each one of the followers of the founding teacher of some school, especially of a philosophical school, artistic movement/artistic taste (dab.); also in a religious school of thought.

How to make a disciple according to the Bible?

Four ways to make disciples

  1. Teach. At its core, discipling is teaching. …
  2. Correct. Sometimes discipleship requires you to warn others about the decisions they are making. …
  3. Model. It is worth noting that Jesus did not just command his disciples to teach people. …
  4. love. To add a final angle, discipleship is a form of mutual love.

What is the Greek word for disciple?

Extending what Virgil and Helena said, disciple comes from the Latin verb disco, which would have a Greek influence, with the verb διδάσκω, of the same origin and meaning ‘teach’, but reduplicated in Greek, as is common in this language.

What is it to be a true disciple?

A disciple believes in Jesus

We believe that someone enters into a relationship with Jesus by repenting of their own sin and putting their faith in the work of Jesus Christ. This must be followed by baptism, since baptism is the public sign or image that someone identifies with Christ.May 30, 2018 г.

What is an apostle and a disciple?

A disciple is a person who follows a teacher or leader in order to learn a certain doctrine or line of thought. In Christianity, the followers of Jesus were considered disciples, while an apostle was a man chosen by Jesus himself to learn from him and spread his Word.

What is a disciple of God to do?

What is a disciple of Jesus to do?

  1. A disciple consecrates himself to God. Our responsibility is to glorify God above all. …
  2. A disciple cultivates the land. The human in general, and the disciple of Jesus in particular, has the task of cultivating the land. …
  3. A disciple takes care of the neighbor. …
  4. A disciple communicates the gospel. …
  5. A disciple grows together with others.

May 22, 2018

What is the job of a disciple?

Disciple is a term that has its origin in a Latin word and that is used to refer to an individual who follows a certain doctrine. The teacher instills in his disciple a certain doctrine, line of thought or artistic style trying to guide him in his growth. …

What are the characteristics of a disciple of Christ?


  • Obedience is the evidence of our faith in Christ.
  • Obedience is the test of our love for Christ.
  • Obedience is the key to the presence of Christ in us.
  • Fidelity is required.
  • Faithfulness is measured in little things.
  • Loyalty is rewarded.

May 22, 2020

How many times does the word disciple appear in the Bible?

But let’s see what the Bible says about the word disciple, in the Old Testament, it is mentioned only once in Isaiah 8:16 “Bind the testimony, seal the law among my disciples.” The Hebrew word used is very interesting (limmud), which describes someone who has been instructed to acquire a discipline of…

How do I identify myself as a follower of Christ?

To be a follower of Christ you have to know him, know what he said, what he did, know a little more about him, know more deeply what he wants, what he loves and what he likes.

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