Why do we celebrate Corpus Christi? – Training

The celebration of Corpus Christi is a religious festival held on the first Thursday after Holy Trinity Sunday. It is on this feast that the institutionalization of the Eucharist is celebrated. The date was made official by the Church in 1264 and Saint Thomas Aquinas was one of its ardent defenders and promoters.

The objective of the celebration is to recall the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, days before he was crucified. The feast marks the introduction of the Eucharist into masses. The word ‘Corpus Christi’ is of Latin origin and means ‘Body of Christ’, which in the celebrations of the Catholic Church, is the consecrated host.

The creation of colorful carpets with flowers for the triumphal passage of the Eucharist is a tradition that emerged in Belgium in the 13th century. Today, coffee grounds, eggshells and a lot of colored sawdust are used to create the carpets, which serve as a tribute to the procession.

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