What are the parts of the Catholic Church?

What are the sacred objects that are part of the temple called?

the altars

The altar becomes the essential object within the set of furniture with which a church is provided. With it, the point of tension of the entire symbolic space is determined, since there the divine sacrifice is performed.

What is the main part of the church called?

main chapel.

Main part of the church, usually at the head of the main nave (in the apse or surrounded by the ambulatory, depending on the shape of the plan), where the presbytery and the main altar are located.

What are the parts of the Holy Mass?

Structure of the current Roman rite

  • Initial greeting.
  • penitential act.
  • Lord, have mercy.
  • Glory.
  • Collect prayer.
  • First reading.
  • responsorial psalm.
  • Second lecture.

What is the name of the chair where the priests sit?

Presbytery, within the church there is a higher place that is called presbytery because that is the enclosure of the presbyters or priests who in the name of Jesus proclaim the Word of God and give us the Body and Blood of Christ. In the presbytery are the altar, the ambo, the seat and the credence.

What are the liturgical objects of the Church?

liturgical objects.

They are all those who in some way serve for the exercise of the liturgy. They are particularly related to liturgical places (churches, altars, etc.), to the ministers of the liturgy and to liturgical celebrations, especially the Eucharistic celebration.

What do we find in the Holy Bible?

The Bible is a collection or compilation of sacred books, which contains the stories, doctrines, codes and traditions that guide Christians, based on the Jewish tradition (Old Testament) and the proclamation of the Gospel (New Testament).

How was the Catholic Church formed?

What is the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church is the congregation of the faithful to Christianity that is governed by the Pope. It is the largest Church in the world, bringing together more than 1,200 million faithful throughout the planet. … Catholic, on the other hand, also comes from the Greek καθολικός (katholikós), which means ‘universal’.

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