What are the 7 apocalypse plagues?

What are the 7 plagues in the Bible?

Go back to the work that has been imposed on you.”

  • First plague: water turns into blood.
  • Second plague: frogs.
  • Fifth plague: death of cattle.
  • Seventh plague: hail rain and fire.
  • Eighth plague: locusts.
  • Ninth plague: darkness.
  • Tenth plague: death of the firstborn.
  • The exit from Egypt.

How many plagues are there in the Bible?

He already counted seven plagues: the first (water in blood), the second (frogs), the fourth (gadflies), the fifth (death of cattle), the seventh (hail), the eighth (locusts ) and the tenth (the death of the firstborn).

What do the plagues mean in the Bible?

great and public calamity. Serious damage, illness. Figuratively misfortune. All these meanings of this term are found in the Scriptures, such as the plagues, the punishments that Yahweh announces to the people and to future generations if they do not comply with his precepts, Dt 28, 58-62; 29, 21-27.

What is the purpose of the 7 plagues of Egypt?

The plagues were meant to show that there are no gods, but only One, the I Am, the God of Israel. … The spiritual war that was lived in the minds of the people was won by God in each plague against the Egyptians. You and I know that there are no “gods”, but “a god who wanted and pretends to be a god” (Is.

Where does it talk about the plagues in the Bible?

This is narrated in the book of Exodus -Old Testament of the Bible-, where you can read about up to 10 plagues that hit the Egyptians before Moses and the Jews could escape from Pharaoh and embark on their 40-year journey to Israel. through the desert.

What are the 10 plagues of Egypt?

Long before pest control companies existed, in Ancient Egypt, there were ten plagues that plagued the Egyptian people.

  • Blood. …
  • frogs. …
  • Mosquitoes, lice and fleas. …
  • Wild animals. …
  • Pestilence. …
  • Ulcers and rash. …
  • Hail of fire and ice. …
  • Lobsters.

What is the meaning of pests?

A plague is known as the sudden and massive outbreak of insects, animals or other organisms of the same species that causes various types of damage.

What does the Bible say about sickness?

What does the Bible say about sickness? Speaking of terrible diseases, the Bible says: “The Lord will send it upon you.” That said, it now falls to us to elucidate the issue of the relationship between sin and disease.

Where does he talk about the plagues of Egypt?

To find the story that tells us about the plagues, it is necessary to go to the Bible and, more specifically, to the Exodus (located in the Old Testament). In it, the slavery to which the Israelites were subjected by the Egyptians and their subsequent departure from the region to find the promised land is narrated.

What can we do to avoid pests?

Tips to avoid pests in the home

  1. Avoid insects by keeping the house clean. …
  2. Store food in airtight containers to prevent ants and cockroaches. …
  3. Get rid of standing water to keep mosquitoes away. …
  4. Repair cracks in your home so bugs don’t get in.

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How long did the 10 plagues of Egypt last?

According to the Mishna (Eduyos 2:10) the punishment of the Egyptians lasted 12 months. This implies about a month each plague; some say that each plague lasted a week and was preceded by 3 weeks of warning.

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