What are the 10 plagues of the bible?

What are the 10 plagues of Egypt?


  • 2.1 I – Conversion of water into blood.
  • 2.2 II – Invasion of frogs.
  • 2.3 III – Lice.
  • 2.4 IV – Flies.
  • 2.5 V – Plague of cattle.
  • 2.6 VI – Ulcers.
  • 2.7 VII – Rain of fire and hail.
  • 2.8 VIII – Locusts and Grasshoppers.

What are the 7 plagues of the Bible?

Go back to the work that has been imposed on you.”

  • First plague: water turns into blood.
  • Second plague: frogs.
  • Fifth plague: death of cattle.
  • Seventh plague: hail rain and fire.
  • Eighth plague: locusts.
  • Ninth plague: darkness.
  • Tenth plague: death of the firstborn.
  • The exit from Egypt.

How long do the plagues of Egypt last?

According to both views the time elapsed between the first and the tenth plague inclusive was at least ten months. But others say the plagues occurred in just 10 weeks. The darkness was three days (Exodus 10:23) and the death of the firstborn at midnight on one day.

What do the 7 plagues of Egypt mean?

The 7 Plagues of Egypt is a bible story that tells of Moses unleashing ten plagues on Egypt for Pharaoh’s disregard of freeing the slaves. … A plague of locusts that destroyed the vegetation. The darkness that obscured the sun. and the death of all the firstborn.

How many plagues were there in Egypt according to the Bible?

He already counted seven plagues: the first (water in blood), the second (frogs), the fourth (gadflies), the fifth (death of cattle), the seventh (hail), the eighth (locusts ) and the tenth (the death of the firstborn).

How many are the plagues of Egypt?

The ten plagues of Egypt and their scientific explanation. Long before pest control companies existed, in Ancient Egypt, there were ten plagues that plagued the Egyptian people.

How many plagues are there in Revelation?

Many believe that the 7 plagues of the bible, which appear in the Apocalypse, are the same as the 10 plagues that attacked Egypt in the Exodus, however, they are two totally different events always with the same purpose: to end a sinful world.

Where does it talk about the plagues in the Bible?

This is narrated in the book of Exodus -Old Testament of the Bible-, where you can read about up to 10 plagues that hit the Egyptians before Moses and the Jews could escape from Pharaoh and embark on their 40-year journey to Israel. through the desert.

How many plagues does Revelation mention?

And soon they will stop confusing the 7 plagues of the Apocalypse with the Ten of the Exodus. Those of the Apocalypse are against all humanity and those of the Exodus only against the Egyptians because he had a mania for them.

What happened after the plagues of Egypt?

After the exodus of the people of Israel, the Egyptians were traumatized by all the ten plagues that God sent them through Moses and Aaron. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart and despite the great blow they suffered as a result of the plagues, he persecuted the people of Israel when God parted the Red Sea.

How old was Moses when he was led into the desert?

Finally, after spending forty years in the desert, he leads the people to the Promised Land, but dies on Mount Nebo (Transjordan) before being able to enter it. His tomb, according to the Bible, is unknown.

Where does he talk about the plagues of Egypt?

To find the story that tells us about the plagues, it is necessary to go to the Bible and, more specifically, to the Exodus (located in the Old Testament). In it, the slavery to which the Israelites were subjected by the Egyptians and their subsequent departure from the region to find the promised land is narrated.

How did Pharaoh die according to the Bible?

The first ultrasound scans of his mummified corpse revealed that the pharaoh died from a three-inch-wide wound in his neck. … According to ancient documents such as the Turin Judicial Papyrus, in the year 1155 BC, members of the harem of Ramses III tried to kill the pharaoh in an attempted coup.

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