The stages of dating

Most people, when they imagine a relationship, consider the constant feeling of passion to be essential for the success of this relationship. Both to initiate it and to maintain it, this emotion is highly valued, as the greatest reference for the person to guide their future decisions in committing themselves “forever” to the other or disconnecting from them.

The stages of dating are discovered over time

Although we know that the purpose of dating is to be willing to meet and love a special person to make your commitment to them eternal, other aspects must guide the romantic relationship. We commonly hear from couples, who have decided to end their relationship, the comments: “Love is over!”, “Incompatibility of geniuses!”, “It wasn’t meant to be!”, “So many differences made it impossible for us to continue”.

All this because, after a while, the emotions at the beginning diminish and we do not see the chance of, from then on, including, in the relationship, the higher dimensions such as the disposition of will and giving to the other.

What makes it so difficult to deal with differences?

Why do people find themselves so attracted to someone and instead of being able to increasingly cultivate what was beautiful in their hearts, they end up experiencing disappointment? What does love end? What makes it so difficult to deal with them?

It is true that there is no “love formula” or a guide on how to proceed. Maybe that’s why we become so tied and guided only by feelings.

Fortunately, human beings have love and are therefore able to overcome, as a couple, the difficulties to achieve fulfillment. But this doesn’t happen immediately, but gradually. It’s procedural. We are learning to love another person, which is why we can think of this journey in stages.

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Relationship phases

The first phase is “feeling”. The second phase will be “getting to know”. Third phase: “decision”. The fourth phase will be to “unite hearts”. And the last phase is “engagement”. However, it is not enough to know about the existence of the phases, it is necessary to delve deeper, study, know the meaning of each one of them and analyze oneself using these concepts. Only in this way, by getting involved and committing to what involves one, will these steps indicate a path, a roadmap, on how to reach and overcome each level.

Through these phases, we will be able to identify the most common quirks and mistakes in dating, in addition to possible failures in your last relationship, you will find yourself capable of overcoming barriers, you will see that through respect and love it is possible to overcome challenges as a couple and transform them into a decision It is .

God bless you!

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