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There are many miracles that the Virgin Santa Marta has done to people who ask her with great faith and great hope. For this reason I bring you this prayer which she titles the most original and miraculous prayer of Santa Marta for health.

prayer is very importantsince all, in order for him to grant miracles to all the families in the world, there may be many obstacles to allow those miracles to be done. But that should not cause any inconvenience for miracles to be granted.

Miracles of Santa Marta for healing

Miracles are something that people do not see, it shows through the passage of time, and you realize how good it is can be all the miracles of this Santa Marta. Next we will bring you some prayers for health.

First of all I thank you

because you are good and also very

helpful to everyone.

Oh blessed that you are

good and you will always give the

faith and hope.

Also my beloved Santa I ask you

a lot of health

and a lot of wisdom.

because i know that

you can grant me

all my requests.

You my Santa who

you are very good you

I pray for all my family,

friends and acquaintances.

I ask you to help me

the health of my parents

and brothers.

Oh my Santa full of

mercy, kindness and sweetness

Give us all a lot of health.

oh blessed you are

good with everyone

give us firmness; for

don’t forsake us

oh beloved saint

also help us

and guide us not to walk by

the bad way

your miraculous saint

guide us and enlighten us

good way.

Santa mia I ask you

with great faith that

don’t forsake us

I ask you for help

because you who hosted

to Jesus, help the

that they don’t have a

place to live.

my lady give him back

health to all

sick, fervent action


O venerable kind

What are you, I ask you for health

for everyone, since there are many

serious diseases.

O holy immaculate

I pray to you healing

because I know that

only you with your big

You can help me in my sorrow.

I put myself in your hands so that you

give me the health I need and

thus cure me of the disease.

oh kind virgin

also Protect each of my

cells, my muscles, bones,

organs, from the largest

even the smallest.

Oh virtuous virgin Santa Marta,

cover me with your immaculate mantle

so that evil cannot

stalk against me.

Lighten my burdens and intercede,

in my life, since I’m in

a moment of anguish

and difficulty.

Protect me from evil spirits

because they try to defeat me;

therefore do not allow

I fall exhausted.

All this I cry out to you

because I have faith and total certainty

that you through your

sweet mercy you go

help me.


I am also sure

that you do not forsake

to your faithful believers.

Because I have all the faith

that there is no disease

that you do not heal

In addition to the wound that you do not heal

no problem that you do not solve.

Oh blessed, holy and pure

Martha I appreciate

because you are full of

great kindness.

Also you are merciful, I appreciate

because your inexhaustible

fountain of mercy

always enough for me

since your goodness

chases me

Blessed Santa indulgent thank you

because you take pity

from my. benevolent

holy intercessor.

Also I thank you

for your mercy towards me.

blessed thank you for

all your generosity,

also for your understanding

and immense compassion with me.

because you never have me

left alone, nor anyone

of mine

Your rain of blessing

and sanity falls in my life,

give me a drink of

river of your power

Finally thank you Santa

because you grant

all my miracles

you fulfill my wishes

You also comfort my soul

which is overwhelmed,

needing you and your help.


The most miraculous prayer of Santa Marta for health

When praying to Santa Marta, you have to do it with a lot of faith and hope. Since she demonstrated in her story an unshakeable faith, giving herself unconditionally, body and soul, to her creator. and will grant all your most desired requests.

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