Prayer to Maria Lionza for love, money and making requests

It is a popular deity from Venezuela, known as the goddess of nature and love. She then learns all about this popular cult.

Who is Maria Lionza?

The origin of the cult of María Lionza precedes the arrival of the Spaniards in Venezuelan territory, that is, before the fifteenth century. The indigenous cultures that inhabited what is now the State of Yaracuy worshiped Yara, the goddess of nature and love.

The cult of María Lionza dates back to the time before the arrival of the Spaniards in Venezuelan territory in the fifteenth century. The indigenous people who inhabited what is now known as Yaracuy State, They worshiped Yara, Goddess of Nature and Love.

Legend has it, Yara was a very beautiful indigenous princess, who was kidnapped by a giant snake, owner of the lagoons and rivers that fell in love with her. When the spirits of the mountain found out about her, that this snake had kidnapped Yara, they punished her by making her swell to bursting. After what happened, Yara was chosen as the owner of the lagoons, rivers and waterfalls, mother nature and love.

After the Spanish conquest, the cult of Yara was still present but covered with the Catholic religion as a way to protect it. It is because of that Yara began to be called Our Lady María de la Onza, and over time, María Lionza.

Images of Maria Lionza

One of the most famous representations of the figure of María Lionza is the one made by the sculptor Alejandro Colina in the 50’s. It is a sculpture of a woman with athletic muscles, on a tapir (male tapir, adored by indigenous tribes).
With outstretched hands, she holds a female pelvic bone (a symbol of fertility) and crushes some serpents that represent envy and selfishness.

However, in traditional prints, the image of María Lionza is represented as a white woman, even though she has indigenous origins. She is seen wearing a rose and a pennant alongside a gold crown.

Cult of Maria Lionza

The cult of María Lionza is known as “marialioncero spiritism” within which indigenous, Catholic and African rites and beliefs are mixed.

Along with the figures of Negro Felipe and Cacique Guaicapuro, make up the “Three Powers” that are the basis of an order of deities and spirits divided into “Cortes”. Learn below some of the most popular prayers of María Lionza and her courts.

Prayer to Maria Lionza for money

One of the requests that is made to María Lionza the most is for money and work. Thousands of faithful request each year, help this saint to solve serious economic problems

If you suffer from work problems or need money urgently, pray this prayer by María Lionza to request her help.
Before saying the prayer, burn natural incense and light three green, light blue and violet candles.

“With the permission of Almighty God and the good will of the saints, earthly and heavenly spirits, I offer the fumes of this tobacco to the spirit of chance and good luck, so that with the help and influence of Mother María Lionza, I can get my life to change for the better and become abundance, wealth and happiness.

The Sun has three thousand rays and the Moon has three thousand rays, that by three thousand rays my misfortune and misfortune burst, and that each particle of that explosion becomes gold dust, thus transmuting the bad into good, poverty into wealth, and misfortune into happiness.

I (say your name) offer the fumes of this tobacco to my Queen and Lady, my Mother and Protector, the Great María Lionza, who is by my side and always protects me, changing sorrows into joys, pains into energy, avoiding the misfortunes of their children, and filling our lives with health, love and prosperity.

María Lionza, you who are so powerful, grant me to get out of poverty, and that my assets are enough to help my brothers in need.


Prayer to Maria Lionza for a petition

If you have a specific request, with this prayer to María Lionza, you can get help no matter how impossible it may seem.
Every time you go to pray this prayer to Queen Maria Lionza, you must first begin by praying 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, and 3 Creeds.

For the prayer to accomplish its goal, pray it for 3 nights in a row.

I beg the sublime influence of Queen María Lionza,
as my protector and for the virtue that God has granted her.
To you Mighty Queen, I give all my needs
so that you give me all your loving protection that frees me from all evil
and provide happiness to my home and may the light of God guide me and guide my thoughts.
I am, Mighty Queen, your admirer, for your strength,
knowledge and your great benevolence,
I ask you in the name of God to irradiate my body with your Holy Fluid
to ward off bad thoughts and all evil lurking.
Bind my enemies hand and foot so that they cannot harm me.
Oh Powerful Queen! In your company I will win, with your strength I will protect myself,
with your fluids you will bless me and with the power of God you will help me win.
I don’t have to go back because you are with me,
you will help me in all my needs
and you will be the guardian of my home against my enemies
and against bad influences.
Under your protection I take refuge. Amen.

Prayer to Maria Lionza for love

If you want to attract the love of a person, With this powerful prayer to María Lionza, you will be able to attract that person you like so much.

Begin by praying 3 Hail Marys and make the sign of the Cross before beginning the prayer. For the María Lionza prayer to take effect, pray it for 7 days in a row and light a white candle before making the request.

“By the permission of Almighty God
and the good will of the Holy Spirits
earthly and heavenly,
of the pure spirit of my queen and mother María Lionza,
I offer these prayers and this tobacco
to judgment, thought and person,
to the five senses,
living and created matter and brain of (name of person)

(name of the person you want to attract and dominate),

today, the day you were born,
the day he was baptized, the day he is to die.

Three times the earth trembled,
three times the sea trembled,
so that the heart of (name of the person) trembles
How do you think about leaving me?

Three thousand rays has the Sun
and three thousand has the Moon,
that for three thousand rays
the joints of (name of the person) have to be broken
if he does not come meek and dominated before my doors.

With two I see you, with three I tie you up,
I drink your blood and I break your heart.

On behalf of (name of person)
these prayers are offered,
forgive me the words of the baptism,
the time they took you to church,
the epistle that the priest prayed to you
when they went to baptize you,
the Creed and my Lord Jesus Christ
that your godparents prayed to you in the baptistery.

Saint Philip Capuchin
Be the boss that brings you to my house.

Blessed Saint John the Baptist,
that from the womb of Elizabeth you were crowned,
I ask you with great desire,
that before I finish these prayers
get to conquer and have (name of the person) by my side.

To the spirit of Saint Helena,
to make me run and run,
that I tie it with the last of my shoe.

María Lionza, I believe in you, my beautiful Queen,
guide my paths, calm my anxieties,
you who are so powerful and can do everything,
by your strength, wisdom and great benevolence,
I ask you to help me get the love of (name of the person)
and since God has given you power,
lend it to me so that I (name of the person)
be sought after, loved and longed for by (person’s name),
Thank you, mother, for your attention.

If effect you are going to make me,
five signs I’m going to ask you,
and one of those you are going to give me,
and they are child cry, rooster sing,
dog barking, cat meowing and doors knocking.

So be it.”

Maria Lionza’s prayer for cleansing

The following prayer queen María Lionza is used to perform deep spiritual cleansing and to ward off sadness from the heart in difficult moments to go through

Pray 3 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys and repeat the prayer of Queen Maria Lionza every day as necessary until you see the sadness or negativity diminish.

I ask my Almighty God for permission
Maker of heaven and earth,
to my holy queen Maria Lionza,
to the three Divine Persons,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
and to Mother Nature.

I (say your name) ask permission from God the Father Almighty
creator of the universe
and Eleguá divine warrior,
To conjure these candles I just lit
and strip me of all negative fluid,
all bad thoughts and bad influence,
to strip and clean around me,
of my family, of my house,
of my business, of my love relationship,
all evil and damage sent or acquired,
all magic, spell, curse or witchcraft,
remove diseases, false and not false,
to strip and remove forever
all evil and damage acquired or sent.

Just as they are removed or flipped,
through this purple sail,
any material or spiritual work
What have they done to me or are they doing?
my hidden and unhidden enemies,
visible and invisible
sighted and blind.

In the name of my holy queen Maria Lionza,
the great chief Guaicaipuro,
and the mighty Black Philip,
and with the help of:
the Celestial Court, 4 Venezuelan Powers,
7 African Powers,
Indian court, Viking court, African court,
Chango cut, Macumba cut, Black cut,
Jacket cut, Enchanted cut,
Liberator Court, Juanes Court, Calé Court,
and all the Spirits of Light,
I ask to be stripped and cleansed
away and delivered from all evil given or thrown,
and be purified with the smoke of the incense
what happened to me and my home (or business).

I offer this green candle
to Don Juan of the Four Winds
for everything to go wrong.

May I be free and blessed,
and be protected from all evil
with the sword and the protective circle
of Saint Michael the Archangel
and I offer this blue candle to the Holy Angels
to give us wisdom, clarity,
protection, earthly and spiritual
and strength and light, to the glory of God.


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