Prayer for Adults to the Guardian Angel – To give Health and Strength – Faithful to God

If you thought that the Guardian Angel only took care of you when you were a child, then you are wrong. I invite you to do the. For those times when you need help of the Guardian Angel for situations in which you feel that you need strength and health, you can pray to him.

We all go through this type of situation at some time in life, I can say that these situations can be normal in which you feel that you lack vigor or feel bad.

Only that sometimes we need help from heaven to overcome it, since we do not have the necessary strength, nor the health to face anything. That is why this time I leave you the prayer to give health and strength that is made to the Guardian Angel, so that he grants us this request and helps us in all other situations.

The prayer to give health and strength

When you need to talk to your Guardian Angel to ask for strength or health, you can make the prayer to give health and strength with love and from the heart. And it is that the Guardian Angel is always with you at all times. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re a child or an older adult.

Beloved Guardian Angel.

You who accompany me from

that I was a child, that you took care of me

everywhere he went.

You who were my protector throughout my childhood,

when i didn’t know much

about things in life.

I thank you now that I am an adult

and I realize all

The things you freed me from

thank you very much for those things

which may be insignificant

but for me they are very valuable.

I thank you because not only

you were in those moments

of difficulty to take care of myself,

but you helped me

Every time I prayed to you

Thanks for helping my parents.

to give me love and affection,

and help them in my growth.

Now that I’m an adult, I know that I still

you accompany me and for that I pray to you.

So that you grant me health, and

give strength in every moment of

difficulty you are experiencing.

Guardian Angel I ask you to

the same way you took care of me

as a child and you still do it now

I am an adult, take care of my children

and all the children of the world.

Take great care of everyone

those kids who don’t count

with a home where

Give them love and values.

Because now I understand that

those things are essential

in our growth

like people.

Let these children too

may have health

and give them the strength to

overcome any situation.

Please Guardian Angel,

I ask you to never lose my faith

and may continue on the path of God.

And in the same way I ask you

for my children, that they may

continue following your steps.

that we can be people

kind, respectful

and obedient to your words.

May we follow in the footsteps of

Jesus and we can earn the

blessings that He promised us

For all of us who believe in Him.


Our Guardian Angel protects us from all evil

When you are an adult, you usually tend to forget that the Guardian Angel is always by your side to keep watching over you. You remember him when something bad happens to you, or when he frees you from some danger. But the truth is he is always with you.

When you are born, God gives us one to be with us on earth. And their mission is simply to take care of you from dangers and help you in difficult moments. For this reason, I am inviting you to pray to give health and strength that we make to God through the Guardian Angel.

The Guardian Angel is also known as the guardian angel, because he is in charge of caring for the person from birth to death. This means that every time a child is born, An angel is born with him to take care of him and protect him always.

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