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Arrived until here, it is because you are looking for a prayer to eliminate the betrayal in your relationship and . With the aim that don’t happen anymore inside this. So if you want to know what the prayer is, keep reading this post.

How to pray for my husband’s infidelity?

When we are betrayed by the person we love, we tend to get sad or angry against the person with whom he was unfaithful, however, the only culprit here is our spouse. This is why we are going to leave you this strong prayer against infidelity, even if you eliminate it forever.

Father, at this moment I thank you for having

given another day of life, although I do not

have the strength to go on. My father,

since the demon of sadness is

haunting my heart and soul.

Because my current partner has been unfaithful

in our relationship, leaving me vulnerable

to anger and remorse.

Since, beloved Father, it is undeniable that I feel resentment

against my husband and his lover, because he betrayed

the trust I had in him.

Yet I know that You are the king

almighty, the owner of life, and the one who can

help rebuild this relationship that I have already given

by loss, because I can’t find the solution for

restore my respect towards my partner.

Therefore, at this moment I ask you, please,

that you give me the necessary serenity and calm

so my heart doesn’t race and respond

to the impulses that this situation affects me.

Well, if I do, something might happen.

terrible, which I don’t want. Since, despite

Of all, this person for me is the most important

And I don’t want him to walk away from my life.

It is for this reason that I come to you, Father,

to leave in your beautiful hands the conscience

Y the soul of my partner.

In order to be aware of

than by committing adultery in marriage. this will be

condemned not on earth, but at the moment of

his departure towards the encounter with God.

Because of this, I intercede for my beloved, so

that please forgive him of this sin

what did he do thinking that it would not be something so serious.

Because, for him, it was a gray hair in the air, which he did

back then without reflecting

about the consequences that this

could carry later.

In the same way, I ask you to prevent this demon

of infidelity knocks on the doors of

Our home. And if at any time he does,

be You the protective shield that helps us to

identify it and eradicate it from our lives.

In this way, we can live in your presence, in

harmony and peace. In order not to have

to go back again to have these problems that

They fill our heads with doubts and insecurities.

On the other hand, I not only want to ask you for

my relationship, if not, also for those couples who are

going through this same situation. give that light

of hope they need to get out of the

darkness of betrayal

Well, it’s a very horrible feeling, which makes

the people who feel it have the

feeling of hitting or hurting the

person who betrayed him.

However, You are that consolation that

these people need and that I

I implore at this time.

Because, you know very well, my Jesus, that violence

It does not lead to anything good, and what better solution

to pray for marriages to be restored, so

as You will rebuild mine.

Since, You were the one who brought this couple together in marriage

years ago. So my wish is that

keep this promise in force until the day

pick up my soul or that of my partner.

In order to be part of the

army of angels of your kingdom.


What are the consequences of adultery according to the Bible?

It is important . Since, according to the sacred scriptures, by committing a betrayal of these, a betrayal of one of the commandments of God is committed, which is not to desire another’s woman. For this reason, the Bible consider it as theft.

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