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When we are little and they are teaching us to pray, our parents teach us the prayer of the Guardian Angel. Today I am going to teach you the prayer to protect a loved one. In fact, I can say that both the prayer of the Guardian Angel, we also learn that of the . Together they are the two prayers that we learn as a child.

It is important that we never forget to pray and ask God for all the things we need, and to be thankful for all the things he gives us. The Guardian Angel is with us since we are bornHe is our Guardian Angel. Therefore, he knows the things we need and apart from that he takes care of us.

It is for this reason that through this section I am going to teach you the prayer to protect a loved one. To care for and protect your loved one at all times.

The prayer to protect a loved one

Our loved ones are one of the most precious things that God gives us in life. They are the people who take care of us and vice versa. With these people we spend a lot of time and therefore it is normal that you want the good for them. For this you can pray to protect a loved one.

Dear Guardian Angel,

at this moment I come before you

to ask you to protect me

loved in the same way

when you protect me

You who are always with me,

we know very well how much

I want this person to come out

all good, I wish you well

everything you do goes well.

I also ask you for all my

loved ones, for my parents,

my brothers and all

people whom I love.

That we can both be a complement

and we can overcome all

problems that may lie ahead.

Let us have the maturity

and smart enough to

have a healthy relationship in which we can

follow the commandments that we

left our Heavenly Father.

May faith in Jesus Christ be ours

basis for coexistence in a good way,

the same way as He lived.

May you always be present in our

thoughts for what we can

avoid falling into sin.

So I take this prayer

to ask you to take care of us

and turn us away from evil.

Let our ways be

along the paths that You want for us,

because I know that you want the best

for your children and that we only

You leave tests to polish our souls.

I ask you please Guardian Angel

that you never leave me,

so that wherever you go,

you can rest easy under your protection.

And if it is your will, I ask that your

Guardian Angel too

take care of him at all times.

As the sentence says, I don’t

forsake not even when

night, much less during the day.

Please don’t stray from the

life of my loved ones,

take care of them and bless them.


Your guardian angel will be with you in every breath

Without a doubt, we all want our partner to be well at all times. May all the things you do go well for you. Precisely for this reason you are going to pray to protect a loved one, which is not only the care of your loved one, but it is also for the .

You can perform this prayer every morning just before leaving home before doing any work. You can even perform this prayer at night before going to sleep. The Guardian Angel is an excellent option to ask for protection.

The Guardian Angel has been taking care of you since you were a child, in fact this is the task that he entrusted to you God. Therefore he is ideal for this type of work. So don’t miss out on this opportunity. ask the Guardian Angel for the care of you and your loved ones.

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