Powerful Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel to Recover Love – Faithful to God

It’s one of the only angels of the bible who receives a long story that explains his particular mission on earth. He appears in the book of Tobias, where he reveals himself as a physical healer and as a character who fixes marital relationships, even more so with this powerful prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel to recover love.

In Tobias, there was a woman named Sarah who was tormented by a demon. This woman was married seven times, but each time her fiancé was killed by the devil on their wedding night, just before the marriage was consummated. Sarah was deeply depressed and wished for death.

Through a series of providential events, the young Tobias and Sara fell in love and, on their wedding night, Tobias’ promise of chaste love, moved by Raphael’s angelic power, defeated the demon. It could be said that thanks to San Rafael Arcángel, they lived “happily ever after”. Therefore, it is necessary that you perform the to recover love.

You can be happy thanks to the miraculous prayer to recover love

This prayer can help you if you find yourself going through a love problem or you can’t find the ideal person to share your life with. Saint Raphael the Archangel is able to show you the right path to follow until you reach that special love.

San Rafael, lover Patron of those who seek a partner,

help me in this supreme decision of my life.

Find for me as a life partner

to the person whose character can reflect

some of the traits of Jesus and Mary.

That is straight, loyal, pure, sincere and noble,

so that with united efforts and with a chaste and disinterested love,

let us both strive to perfect ourselves in soul and body,

as well as the children that God wants to entrust to us.

Saint Raphael, angel of chaste courtship,

bless our friendship and our love

so that sin has no part in it.

May our mutual love bind us so closely

May our future home be like

that of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

I long for us to live in a world full of love and fantasies that are real.

I know that you can help me so that my great love loves me deeply

Without conditions and without fear, help me.

I never wanted to lose it, but I neglected it and now I’m asking you and my God

Help me with the heart because I am nobody without my great love.

You know my true feelings.

Help me please, sooner rather than later.

I need it.

Offer your prayers to God for both of us

and obtain God’s blessing on our marriage,

since you were the herald of blessing

for the marriage of Tobias and Sara.

Saint Raphael, friend of the young,

Be my friend, because I will always be yours.

I always want to invoke you in my needs.

To your special care I entrust the decision

what should I take regarding my future husband (wife).

Direct me to the person with whom I can best cooperate

to do the Holy Will of God,

with which I can live in peace, love and harmony in this life,

and attain eternal joy in the next.


If you are looking for love, ask God and Saint Raphael the Archangel for someone good to come into your life.

First of all, it is important that you always keep in mind that we all have a person destined for usGod is perfect in his decisions and in his creations, and we all have our perfect complement to make our lives.

But you can not just wait for it to appear, that’s why here you find the powerful Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel to recover love, he will place the destiny towards her in your life, the right words in your mouth to get to know her.

don’t despair, make this powerful prayer to recover love, In a quiet place, where you know you will not be interrupted by anything or anyone, and make sure you have an open heart to pray this prayer, put your faith in gear and start praying.

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