Is there a cure for emotional deficiency and self-rejection?

The wound of emotional lack and self-rejection needs to be healed.

The feeling of lack and self-rejection are major blocks to healing a problem/wound, whatever it may be. Even if they wish, those who do not accept themselves and do not feel loved will find it difficult to get rid of their ailments, whether physical or emotional. It is necessary to accept the current situation and the direction in which life has taken you so far, and then start on a path of healing and reconciliation with yourself, which can bring peace and health to your heart.

How to cure lack?

Our first reaction to a problem or wound in our history is the instinct of wanting to defend ourselves, rejecting the difficulty and trying rationally to resolve it. As soon as our mind comes into contact with the pain of a certain situation, our instinct leads us to just deny – not accept – that reality, preserving ourselves from such emotional demand.

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When we do not accept the wounds of our history, and do not recognize the absences that we carry within us, our mind easily throws them into the universe of the unconscious, seeking to preserve our memory and awareness of the stress and tension that such memories would evoke. However, this surplus of lack (self-rejection) remains within us and will tend to influence our actions and reactions, achieving many of our results in existence.

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If deep down we are defending and rejecting ourselves, due to circumstances in our trajectory that place us in humiliating circumstances, it is difficult for us to reach a good outcome – that of emotional achievement and restoration. Therefore, it will be necessary to cultivate the courage to carefully analyze one’s own interior, seeking to recognize and accept what is there. Follow this path and open yourself to a concrete personal experience with God’s love, investing in the healing of your personal story. This will be essential so that emotional gaps are closed and, so that deficiencies do not make your heart a hostage to a process of domination and emotional dependence.

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