Flee From Youthful Passions: 2 Timothy 2:22

Flee from youthful passions”. This is a very famous biblical phrase in youth services. However, it is not a message only for teenagers but also for adults. Carnal desires do not present only in youth.

If you have come this far, it is because you are interested in this passage and want to delve into its meaning. We have good news for you; In this study we will explain what the expression means.

Nevertheless, running away from youthful passions is not enough; most people only focus on a fragment of the verse and do not investigate it in context. Here we will show you the second part of the passage that tells you how you can flee from these passions.


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Run away from youthful passions: running away is not enough

I used to think it was. In college, I wanted to live a pure life, so I found some verses to memorize. One verse I always heard was 2 Tim. 2:22:

“Now flee from youthful passions.”

And so I tried to do that. Lust can mean many things. While it is primarily used to describe a sexual desire, it also means “To feel a strong desire for something.” You may have a strong desire for sex, money, food, recognition, promotion, order, respect, status, materialistic goods, and much more.

The adjective “young”“doesn’t mean this is a bible verse for teens. It means that you shouldn’t act like a child thinking that you should get what you want when you want.

So living in holiness means that I need to run away from all those things. The problem arises when all I do is focus on running away from something that really makes me feel desperate. It’s like when you’re riding a bike watching someone. It can become dangerous because you don’t see what’s ahead.

Run from this and chase that

Many people focus on a part of the verse and not on the entire passage, which leads to errors when interpreting. Below we show you the phrase that is usually quoted always and the message that follows it:

“Now flee from youthful passions and seek justice, faith, love and peace”

Rather than just running from something, I need to chase something instead:

  • I flee from youthful passions and I seek justice. I don’t want to degrade the holiness in my life. I will leave the momentary pleasures for a greater reward ( 11:25 a.m.).
  • I flee from youthful passions and I seek faith. Although I have a desire to take everything into my own hands, I have faith and trust in God regarding his plan and his timing ( 118:8).
  • I flee from youthful passions and look for love. Instead of cheapening relationships based on what I can get out of them, I add value to them with what I can invest in them (1 John 4:7).
  • I flee from youthful passions and I seek peace. My childish set of endless wishes leaves me restless and agitated. Choosing to trust him is to experience true peace ( 26:3).

The New Testament is full of examples related to training in righteousness. Often, it instructs to “take from this” and “put on that.” “Stop doing this” and “start doing that.”

In your quest to escape youthful passions, find another object to focus your attention on. Throw away sin, but don’t focus on it, focus on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-2).

Often you become obsessed with a sin that you want to leave without realizing that it still has your attention. ohStop chasing those things and start chasing something else. instead!:

  • Don’t just say you’re going to stop being sarcastic, replace your mouth with good stuff.
  • Don’t just say you’re going to stop having sexually immoral thoughts, look for your wishes to be fulfilled within the marriage.
  • Do not just say that you are going to stop avidly accumulating wealth, seek to give what you have to those in need.

Make sure you have a running partner

After all this teaching, we still haven’t gotten to the full verse! Are you ready to see all it has to offer?

“Flee now from youthful passions and follow justice, faith, love and purity with those who call on the Lord with a pure heart.” –2 Tim. 2:22

Athletes know that having a training partner is a great benefit. It’s harder to hit the hold button when your friend is waiting for you to exercise. It’s easier if you’re alone. The beauty of this verse is that it teaches you that you have to run somewhere with someone.

To flee from youthful passions it is necessary that you do not go alone. This is what the Church is supposed to be. We run from the bad things that would put Jesus on the cross. We run to the things that make his heart beat. And we run in that direction with those who have the same finish line really focused.

If you don’t have running partners willing to see you cross the correct finish line, you’ll probably never finish the race God intended you to run. Are you fighting? Do you feel like you have unsatisfied cravings in your life? Run away from those things that steal your love. Look for the things that are pleasing in the eyes of God. And find some people who want the same thing as you.

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13 ways to escape youthful lust

youthful lust or the works of the flesh they drive a great gap between man and God. Here is an agenda of 13 tips that will help you flee from these desires contrary to the work of God:

1. Have a new birth

This is the first step you must take. You need to surrender to the Almighty if you want to overcome youthful lust. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. And then you’ll be on your way to the life of victory.

2. Study the word

“Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path”. This is the number one spiritual weapon if you have to overcome the works of the flesh. You must always be connected with the word to help you and direct your path. Joshua 1:8. This book of the law must not be removed from your mouth; it is necessary that you meditate on it day and night, so that you take care to live according to everything that is written in it; so that your path prospers and you succeed.

3. Stay away from bad people

Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. Bad communication corrupts good manners. If you want to run away from youthful lust, one of the ways is to stay away from bad people and start maintaining good relationships. Carnal people will only help you fulfill the deeds of the flesh, it is better that you run away.

4. Say NO to sexual immorality

Sex before marriage pollutes the body, soul, and spirit. Any sexual sin automatically separates us from the presence of God, because you are not only contaminating the body, but also the temple of God, which is your body, soul and spirit.

5. Avoid immoral matters

Stay away from any form of immorality. Do not start a relationship if you are not ready for marriage. Don’t let anyone play with your heart; your heart is too precious to be manipulated. Don’t experiment with your body for anything practical; your body is the temple of the Most High God.

6. Live in holiness

Without holiness, no one will see God. Holiness should be your lifestyle, it is not optional but it is mandatory and it is essential because the Lord says, be holy because I am holy. Holy means “set apart for God”, that is, once we accept Christ we must try to live as he did.

7. Listen to Christian music

What you hear has a great capacity to affect your inner man. Therefore, start listening to music and messages from God. This will help you keep up so you don’t get disconnected.

8. Watch what you look at

The things you look at can penetrate your soul and your spirit. You must watch what you observe carefully. Let your mind and eyes be fixed on spiritual things.

9. Separate

One of the surest ways to overcome youthful lust is to separate yourself from the crowd. Do not join groups to do what is not right. Get out of the crowd and run away from youthful passions.

10. Be self-disciplined

La is simply doing the right thing, whether it’s convenient or not. If you want to be one of the best, you must have self-discipline. You don’t have to do what others are doing just to fit in with a group.

11. Have the courage to say NO

Many people find it difficult to refuse a request. My friend, any proposal is being put forward in the form of a sin, your answer must be NO. Do you fancy a drink? Would you like a cigarette? Would you mind following me to a more lonely place? Do you want to go to the club tonight? Try this alcohol, it won’t hurt you. You can say NO and be nice at the same time, so don’t worry.

12. Avoid any unholy relationship

Disconnect from any relationship that is not profitable for the kingdom of God. Any relationship that does not glorify God, please run away from it, run away from youthful passions and don’t look back.

13. Stay focused

The last but not least tip on the list is to stay focused. Don’t be distracted by anything that has nothing to do with your Christian purpose. Just stay focused and stick to your plans.

You need to learn:

Flee from youthful passions, because that is what God commands you. There are Christians who believe they are superheroes, or what is worse, super saints, perfect or demigods. This means that many times they go into “the lion’s den” and come out of there with “the tables on their heads.” If our master sends us to flee, he knows why he is doing it. You must run away from temptation, not stay to resist it, besides being something absurd, besides, you don’t need it, so get away from there.

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