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Oshun is known as one of the goddesses of the Yoruba religion, since it is one of the mixed religions of African origin that still exist in the Caribbean area, for this reason they have Charity of Copper, as patron saint of Cuba. With this effective prayer to Oshun so that everything goes well in a short time we can get what we want.

Because she is a powerful goddess, is that we can raise prayers and thus achieve great luck in any field in which we find ourselves. In addition, she is closely linked to the ability of women to generate life, and also claims equality with men.

Prayer to Oshun for everything to go well

Firstly, Divine Oshun do not allow any mist to cloud our deepest desire to obtain true success, so we make this prayer to you; so that you can hear us.

Initially, we know

that the power is present in you; So

what Please remove all obstacles

that makes us a hindrance,

And so no tears are shed

for what we want.

The same way,

Mother Oshun give us your love

so that we can walk in peace.

So same,

Divine goddess Orisha of rivers and waterfalls,

what are the waters

that wash away the evils of the world.

I ask you to have

mercy on us.

And therefore

don’t let us get upset

before the affliction.

Bella Oshun, you were the owner of the gold,

so we ask you to

enlighten and open many paths

lead us to

what we want.

On the other hand,

we ask you that you attend our

needs and spills your gold

about our families

you own the gold.

Therefore, we ask you

May we never go hungry

and that we do not miss

your blessing

nor prosperity in the future.

The same way

Blessed Mother Oshun,

protect your children from all

calamity and infuses in our

hearts the joy of seeing

how everything goes well


Thus, provide us of your beauty

and unparalleled grace,

make our plans come true

fast and durable.

Also, fill us with your abundance.

Also, that your five handkerchiefs

help us to cultivate

the gifts you provide us.

And always help us to have the

open road to facilities

of the life.


lady of the beautiful waterfall

and marvelous; remove all evil from me

when it hurts me.

Divine Mother

bless me with your goodness

and your justice.

I pray that in any

moment of difficulty

offer us the facility to obtain

what we want.

The same way,

that your waters calm

our poor soul.

And thus be able to receive

of your grace and hope

to be able to carry out our activities

everyday more easily.

Mother be merciful,

address our weaknesses

and restores our emotions.

And besides, it opens our paths

to a better future.

Certainly you are worthy and pious Oshun

desperately I come to you

seeking wisdom.

Well my situation overwhelms me

and i’m not sure how

solve it so help me.

I beg your ability

to reciprocate favors,

That’s why I ask you kindly

cast your eyes on us.

And so help us

to get what we need.

Powerful goddess Oshun,

you can see present,

past and future you

you give meaning to the paths;

For that reason we pray to you,

so that with your vision

guide our steps.

So Bella Oshun,

whenever we pray to you

we draw from your eternal wisdom

to enjoy the gifts

that you have given us

And so we can see

the path full of health,

joy and prosperity.

Finally, I want to tell you

that the power is in you,

powerful oshun.

For that reason, I ask you to

heed our pleas

and never take your beautiful eyes away

of us.


The great protector Oshun

Oshun is recognized for being the Patron Saint of Cuba, whose It is a reason why he has many followers. So we can address her through one orration to Oshun so that everything goes well, in order to ask him for anything; because he has great power. His mercy is as great as his beauty, so we can pray with confidence.

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