Catechist is not a profession, but a vocation! We are in the month of vocations

It’s the month of Vocations and we couldn’t stop talking about this beautiful vocation: that of the Catechist!

In , highlighting the importance of this vocation.

Catechist is not a profession, but a beautiful vocation!

“The Catechist is not a teacher who teaches. Catechesis is not a lesson, but the expression of one’s own experience and testimony of faith in Christ. One should not impose the truth of faith, but communicate it with affection, patience and friendship. Only in this way does catechesis become the promotion of Christian life, support in the global formation of the faithful and encouragement to be missionary disciples.” Pope Francis – 09/22/2018.

And here, we want to include all evangelizers, even if they do not work as Catechists in their Communities, but who testify and communicate faith in Christ to those who have not yet found it, encouraging new believers to be disciples and missionaries.

Already showing the great affection he has for us!

If you feel the call, feel the desire to be a catechist, but have not yet been available in your Community, what is stopping you?

If you are already a Catechist, share your testimony and words of motivation in the comments for these brothers who feel the call.

Each of us has a calling!

Every last Sunday of August, the month of vocations, Catechists’ Day is celebrated.

So, wait, until the 30th we will have other super cool articles about the Vocation of the Catechist.

May the Holy Spirit give strength, wisdom, patience and great creativity to all Catechists in the world!

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